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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 14

Karen A. Hertzog

Karen died October 5, 2007. But we prefer to dwell not on her death, but rather her life.

In 1978, Karen became a dog trainer, and in 1988 became an AKC Obedience Judge. She showed her dogs, and also became a certified Therapy Dog Evaluator. She raised puppies for the Seeing Eye, sponsored dog blood drives, and learned to tattoo dogs to protect them when lost or stolen. She started the South Mountain Dog Training Center to train dogs and their people; her personal mission was that dogs didn’t end up euthanized, given away or turned into humane societies for behavior problems that were easy fixable.

She was a wife, married to Larry for 10 years. He stuck with her through the hardest time of her life; not an easy feat.

She was a daughter, and made her father proud. She enjoyed making kiffles for Dad.

She was a sister who, at 13, took over when her mom died to help with the children, 2 and 10 years younger. As the oldest, she was looked up to and admired.

She was a mom. Although never able to have children herself, she was a doggie mom. Moms don’t like to say they have favorites, but the Irish Setter who stand out as hers was Bailey.

She was a teacher. Besides teaching dog obedience for many years, she also established a training school to teach others how to teach their dogs. It was her passion, and she put everything she had into it.

She was a friend. People who knew Karen always knew where they stood. She was honest, sometimes brutally so, but her friends appreciated her honesty.

We miss her every day. She was a good person. There aren’t enough good people in this world. Our only solace is that she is with the people and dogs she missed who left this world before she did. Love you.

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