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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 13

Paul Stein Breon III

Paul spent only twenty-six years on this earth, yet he made the most of them. Some of his happiest times were spent hunting and fishing. He was a skilled archer, who also excelled at tying his own flies and crafting unique lures. Paul enjoyed camping, hiking, and snowmobiling; nearly any activity that brought him into close contact with the great outdoors.

Paul was a loving son, a beloved brother, and a devoted uncle. He was a kind hearted, dependable man. As our family grieves his loss, we are constantly reminded of the important roles left unfulfilled by his absence. Paul was the only son amongst three daughters, and our family just isn’t the same without him. There are no more bear hugs from a “little” brother who towered over us all. No doting uncle to guide his young nieces towards a love for nature. No son to proudly carry on our family’s name and to ensure its legacy. Most importantly, when we lost Paul, we were deprived of a loyal friend whose advice and support we valued and depended upon.

We deeply loved “Our Bubba” and believe that we will reunite with him one day. We are comforted that his heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and kidneys have given several individuals a chance at a better life. As a tribute to our remarkable Paul, we hope that his organ recipients are enjoying each new day and making the most of his unselfish gifts.

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