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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 11

Ray DiSimone

This quilt was made from love mixed with sorrow. My mother and I made it together in memory of my father. My father passed away suddenly on April 22, 2006. He was the second child of four, a husband of 37 years, the father of two sons and one daughter, and a grandfather of one. My father was looking forward to the birth of two more grandchildren who were born in June of 2006.

We made this quilt to represent who my father was. He was a mailman in the Trenton area for 20 years. The dark blue background was made from a pair of his uniform pants, and the heart was cut from his uniform shirt. My dad was truly a mailman at heart. He knew absolutely everyone on his routes, and I believe he spoke with anyone who crossed his path.

The number 65 represents the year he graduated from high school. He was a wonderful athlete-and not a bad student either!

The stamps are from his passport from the places he and my mother visited. He had just started to really enjoy traveling. Two of his favorite places were Paris and Egypt.

My father also loved golf, and once had the opportunity to play on the pro course of the Merion Country Club. He was so excited he kept his scorecard. A copy of that is part of the quilt too.

I thank you for the opportunity to honor my father by making this quilt piece for the Threads of Love Memorial Quilt. He was always helping others in life, and so it made perfect sense that he should help others when he died. Our family wishes good health and happiness to those who received a part of him.

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