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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 11

Steve E. Kauffman

June 16, 1956- November 12, 2006

Steve was just a big kid at heart. He Loved the Loony Tunes character "Gossamer," and collected anything he could find with Gossamer on it. Steve was my best friend, and an amazing father to my children.

Stevie tried to act like a tough guy, but many people experienced his soft heart. When my daughter had her baby, she was allowed to have three coaches in the birthing room. Besides the baby's father and me, she wanted Dad there. He held her hand during the whole labor and delivery, and he cried when our grandson Detrick was born.

Steve always said to donate any part of him that could be used, since he wouldn't need it anymore. I hope that whoever received his corneas can see the good in everyone.

He had a massive heart attack 5 days after our 20th anniversary and died immediately.Knowing in advance what he wanted done was a great help and comfort. We spread his ashes in the ocean at Wildwood, where he spent the happiest days of his childhood. He always wanted to swim with the dolphins.

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