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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 10

Michael Robert Adams

Michael, a career United States Air Force serviceman, retired in 1990 as a Master Sergeant. Hardworking and committed, Mike trained as a Fuels Specialist. His dedication and respect of the AF, while being a role model for others, led to his becoming a Silver Badge AF Recruiter. The Eagle and Flag represent his love of the USA and Air Force.

The June 2005 Family photo was taken to celebrate the christening of our second granddaughter, Paige. As the light of Poppie’s life he enjoyed making her laugh. Paige’s recent photo is in the upper right corner.

Bayleigh, Poppie’s Princess Jasmine, is in the upper left corner. Poppie called her “Babyskins” and she was the apple of his eye. He played games with her, teased her, read to her and loved every minute he spent with her. She says he is her Guardian Angel now and that explains the star- when someone dies, another star appears in the sky.

Mike loved the Super Bowl Champion 49ers, win or lose. He loved his Black Lab Ebony (together again) and playing cards, bowling, telling jokes and having fun. Garfield, the cat, adopted Mike and they spent many hours lounging in the recliner.

The broken heart symbolizes the medical problems Mike experienced over the last twenty years and our broken hearts. His medical history led to advancements in the treatment for others with similar conditions. Although he is not physically with us anymore, his wish to donate has improved the lives of several others.

Valiantly he fought heart problems, high cholesterol, diabetes and a stroke, but he was first and foremost a loving, caring husband, father and grandfather.

Mike- Dad- Poppie- We love you and miss you.

Bonnie, Bayleigh, Marck, Jill, Paige, Todd, Jenifer and Garfield.

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