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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 10

Manuel Lopez

Manuel Lopez was born in Naranjito, Puerto Rico on May 2, 1930. He was a servant of God completing religious classes in 2003. I chose the cross and dove symbol that is sown onto his jacket because he dedicated his time to help the church in any way that he was asked to serve. He read the bible diligently everyday, a commitment that he kept until his last breath.

Manuel Lopez was also a Renaissance man. He was a person who was always educating himself and would only become more intellectual as he matured. He graduated high school on August 2, 1977. He also attended Rutgers University and received a certificate for the successful completion of 4.5 CEUs in Industrial Wastewater Treatment on June 3, 1992.

Manuel Lopez was also a very dedicated husband for 50 years married on September 11, 1954, father of four children, grandfather of eight children, and a great-grandfather of seven children. Manuel was also a very humorous and loving person.

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