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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 10

Edmund A. Pfueller Jr.

This square in memory of Ed Pfueller was made in flying geese pattern to represent his great love of the outdoors. As Denise, his sister, said in her eulogy, Ed always wanted to make sure everyone else was happy, experiencing life to the fullest and dressed warmly. He had the first 4 wheel drive but folded his large frame into Subaru wagons, two of them for over 200,000 miles. To fit that large frame he bought clothes from LL Bean and gave the joy of alpaca socks to all he knew. The piece of rope is part of the one he walked his beloved puppy Belle with fro 14 years, though woods, swimming in the bay exploring islands, riding a boat or kayak. The sunrise was his favorite time of day and Wawa as where he bought the coffee that began it. EP sales was his business he poured his heart and soul into. Lisa and Eddie are to wonderful children who he knew and often said how lucky he was to have such “good kids”. Joanne, my friend, whose niece is the recipient of a liver from a generous family, expertly made the square. I inexpertly decorated it. I remain as always Ed’s wife Pat.

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