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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 9

Anne Marie Barr

Anne’s quilt piece was hard, her life was full and how do you honestly put that on a small square.

We put on the roses because they were her favorite, the butterflies to us meant peace and rebirth, which she believed. The poem is something that touched us all, it said what we were all feeling inside.

Anne was an amazing woman. Loved by all who knew her. Although her life was filled with ups and downs, she was there for everyone who needed her, no matter what!

Anne loved to crochet, she made the most beautiful afghans. She also enjoyed to cook and bake.

Whenever there was a party, Anne was there with a menu of food she planned on making for that event. As the oldest child, she was our protector. No one could mess with her family.

Up until the day God called Anne home, she was there for her family, friends and anyone else who needed her.

My WIFE, my love, through good times and bad, our love was always there. You gave me two beautiful children and your spirit lives on through us everyday. I think about you, love you and miss you everyday. Love you always, Brian

Our DAUGHTER Anne was an amazing kid who grew up to be an amazing woman. She was creative and funny, always making us laugh. Always thoughtful and caring. She took care of her sick grandmother during her long illness. She loved her family and showed us everyday. Our hearts are broken , but we know Anne is now at peace. We love and miss you more than we can ever say!! Love, Mom and Dad

Our MOM, You gave me life .You gave me love. You gave me the stars the moon and everything above. Wishing you were near I cling to the memories. I know you hear me when I talk to you at night. Wishing you were here begging with all my might. But I cannot awake you from your peaceful slumber. You're my companion wherever life takes me. Without you here my heartbreak is tremendous you see. I know I'll find you someday. Until then we all will miss you down here. So sleep tight until that special day my dear. I'm so sorry my Mommy we had to part. But even though you left me your love never left my heart. We love you more than life itself. Love, Liz & Zakk

My beautiful SISTER, both inside and out, taken from us suddenly one cold rainy day. Anne was stubborn, sarcastic, witty, strong, caring and giving. As a child she taught me to stand up for myself ,as an adult she taught me to believe in myself. She was my rock, she made me laugh when I wanted to cry, she made me go on when I wanted to give up. She got me through some of the roughest times in my life. If it wasn't for Anne, I probably wouldn't be here. She was more than a sister, she was my friend whom I love and miss every single day!! You will live on forever in my heart. I love you, Janet

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