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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 9

Steven E. Ketterer

4/22/81 to 7/9/05

Steve was a brave, genuine, unique and fun loving person. A REAL person. His spirit was one of a kind. He had the wit and sarcasm that kept you laughing. He had the care and concern that kept you comforted. His adventurous, happily nomadic tendencies led him to embrace everything; skiing, hiking, skydiving, and even backpacking through Europe alone.

Steve’s laugh, or “chuckle,” was infectious. He saw beauty in everything from people to nature. If need be, he would move the sun and earth for you. His heart was truly made of gold. Everyone wondered what attracted girls to Steven. He was a sincere guy. When you talked to Steve about personal issues, he would look you in the eye and his responses were always honest. These were the knockout traits that made Steve such a “Ladies’ Man.”

Steve was killed in a crash the summer of 2005, by something that easily should have never been. We grieve for Steve’s many friends and the tremendous loss they are feeling. Many of his friends were friends since elementary school. That should tell you a lot about Steve right there – he was loyal and true to his roots from day one. If we can learn from Steve and follow his example, he will always be with us.

You are sadly missed, but we will never forget you.

All our love,

Mom, Dad, Kimberly and Tara

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