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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 8

Dustin Eric Altland

Dustin was a strong young man. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, wrestling, eating (and didn’t gain much weight), country line dancing, “the ladies,” music, camping out by the River, or in the mountains, the sunrises and sunsets. He loved the Lord since he was a child. He was very proud of his brother-in-law, Steven Vicands, who is still serving in the US Army (for life) and some of Dustin’s friend also serving our country. He always was there for his 2 sisters, Jessica and Vanessa. Dustin had a sense when one of us was in need and he’d come or call and cheer you up! We miss him dearly, but we know we will joined in Heaven! He gave and cared and loved all. May you take this with you always.

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