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Douglas Andrew Cossaboon

April 9, 1989-June 16, 2007

Born April 9, 1989 to Doug and Sandy Cossaboon, Douglas Andrew Cossaboon was the birth name given; however, “Dougie” was the name everyone immediately called him. Once on his feet at 6 months old, he never stopped moving. If there was a way to get to the top of something you can bet he would find a way to get there. As a toddler he would climb on top of the monkey bars just to say he did it. As a grade school kid he would climb to the top of the highest tree just to say he did it. As a teenager, there were no limits. He would try a little of everything like being creative in arts, acting in drama, or excelling in every kind of sport. Whether it was a tree, mountain or simply on top of his dad’s shoulders he found a way to get there…his way. At the young age of ten, Dougie knew what he wanted for his future. It was written in a 5th grade report about himself that after graduating school he wanted to get a job as a construction worker like his dad and run heavy equipment. Little did he know that just one day after graduating high school he would be accepted as an apprentice into the Local 825 Operating Engineers Union just like his father, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

As a son, he is the world to his Mom and Dad. When he was small he would always be full of questions. One day, he asked his Dad, “Dad, I have a question, where do flies go when it rains, can they still fly?” If he wasn’t sleeping, he could be found outside. His pockets were always full of dead worms, rocks and whatever he found during the day. He is their baby, their boy, their young man, and they were always so proud of him even if they had a different way to express it. Sometimes big Doug would tell Sandy not to yell so loud when Dougie played ball, but she would do it anyway screaming at the top of her lungs, “That’s my boy, way to go baby!” Yes, there were times Dougie mad his parents mad, but he made them laugh so much more. Whenever he went on his Ninja, he always gave his mom a big hug, told her not to worry, and that he loved her very much. She will always remember those hugs; they felt so good. They will miss his laugh, but he will be in their hearts forever. When Dougie was small his mom asked him what he thought God looked like. Dougie whispered “He looks like Pop-Pop Groves.” Now Dougie is with his Pop-Pop.

As a brother, he is someone his sister is very proud of. At the age of 12, Holly was so excited to get the sibling she always wanted to play with. Holly couldn’t say enough about Dougie. She was always talking about what activities he was involved in and how he excelled at them. She smiles when she recalls Dougie’s wish when they were kids to ban the height requirements on roller coasters at all amusement parks. There were countless times Doug and his sister clowned around that will never be forgotten.

As an uncle, there were no limits to his tender love for Noah and Lyla. Whenever they were together Uncle Dougie was involved with their activities whatever it was playing video games, rolling around on the living room floor or learning new card tricks. Just a short time before he left us, Dougie introduced Noah to tree climbing and a skunk.

As a cousin, there will be no substitute. From the oldest to the youngest cousin the connection was close. Every cousin has learned something unique and special from Doug. From little things like how to flip off a diving board to the much larger like making the best of things and the ability to make others laugh. Each has a special relationship with Dougie, he wasn’t just a cousin; he was a friend. There are so many different memories shared between each one. Whether it was fishing trip, a game of hide and seek, walking around in a Japanese kimono, or ever listening to his own comical adventures, they are all moments that will always be remembered and cherished. There isn’t and never will be a better cousin to have.

As a nephew, Dougie made his aunts and uncles so proud that he was a part of the family. They loved hearing about his latest achievements whether it was academics, art, football, baseball, soccer, golf, wrestling, basketball, BMX riding, hunting, fishing, camping, skating, skiing, paintball, swimming, or rock climbing. Then they would “brag” to their friends and co-workers about him. To Dougie it was never about the trophy or recognition but just about having fun. He simply could not be held back from testing his strength and pursuing his vigor for life. He was so entertaining to all and always made them smile.

As a grandson, from the very beginning they were in awe of this adorable baby. He demonstrated his agility well before he was a year old, and from then on, nothing could stop him. Everything he did he loved, and he challenged himself to be the best he could be. At the same time, he was well-mannered, considerate, and a joy to be around anytime. They are so proud to be his grandparents. Regardless of their relationship to Dougie, each family member will always hold a special place in their hearts for him. Dougie, we love you and thanks for showing us how to live life everyday to its fullest. Mom and Dad wish to say, “Sweet dreams my baby. We love you!

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