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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 17

Richard Joseph DiMuro

My brother, Richard Joseph DiMuro, was an organ donor. The quilt square donated in his memory represents things I remember about his life.

Staten Island, NY was a rural area when we were children-at least in the southern part where we lived. We could look out the window of our home and see pheasants in our yard. I think that is where my brother first found his love of nature.

When he was young my brother used to go hunting in Pennsylvania with our father. At the end of his life he resided in the Pocono Mountains. He enjoyed watching and feeding the deer that frequently traveled across the lawn of his house. I think their loveliness was a comfort to him in his seclusion. (I must thank McKenna Ryan for graciously allowing me to use her appliqué pattern of the deer so I could put it onto the quilt square).

There is a hummingbird on the quilt square because Richie was talented, drawing, painting, and sculpting without having had any lessons. When he became older he used this creative ability to cook wonderful meals. He knew just what herbs and spices to use, and in just the right amounts, to create a masterpiece for the table.

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