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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 18

Dennis Allen Gitke

Dennis Allen Gitke was lovingly known as Poppy to his family. He was a giving and loving man who would do anything for anyone. He was that young boy who mowed elderly neighbor’s lawn and would sit with them and talk on their front porch for hours because they were lonely and seeking some company. He took care of his parents in their golden years and tended to their every need. His family was his love and his life.

My name is Kathi and I was married for 33 years to Dennis. We were high school sweethearts. Together we had two wonderful children. Our lovely daughter, Michelle, is married to Terry and they have one son, Bailey. Our handsome son, Joe, is married to Tonya and they have two children, “little” Dennis and Samantha.

Dennis always said his children and grandchildren brought him such love and joy. Just being with them and playing with our grandchildren brought him such happiness and laughter. It was his love for our family that gave Dennis the strength and courage to carry on during his final days.

We are so proud that ever with his passing, Dennis was still that giving person that we all admired. He donated his corneas so that others could have the precious gift of sight.

We all love and miss “Poppy” very much.

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