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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 18

Dwaine Donald Lesher

This memorial square is to honor Dwaine Donald Lesher. How do I begin to describe the man he was? A loving father, husband, son, brother, brother-in-law, nephew, and wonderful friend. Dwaine had the best smile around and as some one said the most handsome man in Perry County. He had a way to always make you smile too!

Dwaine created a wonderful life for his family by always working hard. He was admired and respected by many co-workers. Hunting, fishing, trapping, the outdoors, watching his kids play sports, being involved with the Masonic Lodge and helping anyone anyway he could were some of his pleasures.

His favorite things in life were his kids; Hunter, Ethan, and Zoie. Hunter received his love of the outdoors and loved spending any time he could with his dad; hunting, fishing, and trapping. Dwaine’s compassion also shines through in Hunter. Ethan got his love of sports and wanted to play with him every chance he got whether it was football, baseball, or anything involving a ball. Dwaine’s zest for life and to never give up definitely is in Ethan. Zoie, well, Dwaine let her dress him up like a princess, liked to help him build things and just being with him. Dwaine’s creativity is what I see most in Zoie from her dad and of course, his blue eyes. His children were the world to him and I know they are all going to grow up to be something special just like their dad!

This man was a one of a kind and I’m not saying it just because I spent 15 years, the best 15 years of my life with him, it’s the truth! Our children were blessed to have the best dad ever in their life and will continue to know and learn about the wonderful man he was and still is today. Dwaine lives on through all of us who loved him and everyone he was able to give life to through his organs and tissue donations. We miss you so much Dwaine and will love you forever.


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