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How Does the Donor Program Work?

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Gift of Life Donor Program works with hospitals and families throughout the region to help make transplants possible for thousands of patients.

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David Nelson Jr Memorial Fund

The David Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund provides educational scholarships for children of deceased organ and tissue donors.

Image of The 2013 David Nelson Jr. Memorial Scholarship winners with David's parents, David, Sr. and Patty Nelson and step daughter Camryn.The 2013 David Nelson Jr. Memorial Scholarship winners with David's parents, David, Sr. and Patty Nelson and step daughter Camryn.

David Nelson Jr. passed away suddenly in July 2006. During his journey, David’s compassion for others resulted in his decision to be an organ donor. Because of his courageous efforts, five other people have received organs necessary to save or improve their lives. While his loved ones continue to struggle daily with their grief, knowing that David was able to improve the lives of other people and their families eases their pain.

In his memory, David’s family and friends have established the David Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund. The Fund’s mission and purpose is to provide educational scholarships for surviving children of donor parents, in David’s spirit of compassion and giving. Awarding financial support to donor families provides an opportunity to “give back” to the true heroes – the donors – by supporting their children's educational goals.

The David Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund will annually award a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving child of a deceased donor parent or guardian. The funds will help pay for high school or college.

For more information, please visit The Fund's web site,

Deadline for applications is now April 7, 2014. Applications must be postmarked by this date.

Application Criteria

  • Be a child of a deceased organ, tissue or cornea donor who was his or her parent or guardian
  • Be enrolled in a private or parochial high school OR presently enrolled in or accepted for the 2014 academic year to a 2 or 4-year college, university or trade/technical school
  • Reside in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey or Delaware covered by Gift of Life Donor Program
  • Be under 25 years old
  • Use scholarship award for continuing education at private/parochial high school, accredited college, university or trade/technical school certificate program during 2014-2015 academic year
  • Provide a brief statement summarizing academic ambitions and extracurricular and/or volunteer activities
  • Provide two letters of reference from a non-relative (i.e. Teacher, Clergy)
  • Provide current transcript and/or acceptance letter from high school, college, university, or trade/technical school

Applications for 2014 are now open! Deadline for applications is now April 7, 2014. Applications must be postmarked by this date.

Download DNJMF Scholarship Application 2014

DNJMF Scholarship Application 2014 - 105.5KB
DNJMF Scholarship Application 2014

I Dash For: David's Parrot Party and A. Way of Life

Patty Nelson's life changed forever when she lost her son suddenly. But through her grief, she has inspired hundreds of young adults, and her community to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation, in memory of her son David, who was able to give the gift of life to his recipients because of the life saving gift of organ and tissue donation.

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Lodging and Support

Thousands of patients come to Philadelphia hospitals every year needing life-saving organ transplants. Family House will provide critically needed support programs and temporary lodging for organ transplant patients and their families.


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