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Awareness Through Facebook

Facebook has partnered with Donate Life America to save lives! In just a couple of easy steps, you can register as an organ, tissue and eye donor, update your Facebook page and share your decision with your family and friends. First, click here to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor on your state registry. Second, follow the steps below to update your Timeline and share your decision with all of your Facebook friends. Go to Timeline, click on ‘Life Event’, select ‘Health and Wellness,” choose ‘Organ Donor’. It’s that easy!

Image of On May 1, 2012, Facebook and Donate Life America announced a joint campaign to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation through the power of social media.On May 1, 2012, Facebook and Donate Life America announced a joint campaign to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation through the power of social media.

How to share that you are an organ, eye and tissue donor on Facebook:

  • Go to your Timeline
  • Click on “Life Event”
  • Select “Health and Wellness” and Choose “Organ Donor”
  • You can add where and when you registered here.
  • Add your personal story.

Don't Forget To Register with Your DMV First

  • Select the link “Officially Register” from the right hand side of the dialog box.
  • A new tab will open with instructions on how to officially register.

Privacy Settings

  • Remember you can always control who you share your donor status with.
  • To select who can see your donor status, click on the “Privacy Control.”
  • You can make it public or limit it to just a small group of friends or just family.

When you are done:

  • Select “Save. Your organ donor status will appear both on your Timeline and in your “About” section.

Other Useful Information:

  • If a friend has added their donor status to their Timeline, you may see it in your Newsfeed. You can add your donor status to your Timeline from there by clicking “Share your organ donor status.”

How To Add Organ Donation To Your Facebook Page

Facebook's Sarah Feinberg gives a step-by-step on tool for organ donations. Video clip originally aired on ABC News on 5/1/2012.

Share this information with everyone you know and remind them to "like" the Donate Life America Facebook page and Gift of Life Donor Program Facebook page, once they've checked their donor status on Facebook or through their state registry, if they have not officially registered in their state.

Helpful Resources and Links

Show You're an Organ Donor On Facebook-NBC 10 News Clip

Julie Keeton has been staying at the Gift of Life Family House with her newborn daughter while her 5 year-old son waits for a heart and double lung transplant at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She shares her reaction to Facebook's new initiative to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation.

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Register for the 2015 Dash

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The 20th Annual Donor Dash is designed to help promote organ and tissue donation and highlight the success of transplantation.

April 19, 2015.

Learn more about the event and register today!


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